Terms & Conditions

El Clandestino Amsterdam offers a wide variety of great cannabis seeds.

This website is intended for persons 18 years of age and older. We think it is important to inform and educate our consumers about all aspects of our products and brands. This website contains practical information about enjoying El Clandestino products responsibly. If you are under 18, please EXIT now.

  • cannabis is meant for adults over the legal drinking age
  • never smoke before or when driving or when operating machinery
  • never smoke if you’re pregnant (Unless prescribed by a doctor as stress or pain reliever)
  • avoid mixing cannabis alcohol and with medicine

Before ordering your seeds, note that due to law and regulations, we are not able to send Cannabis seeds to certain countries.

Supplying hemp seed is exempted from regulation under the 1961 u.n. Single Convention on narcotic drugs and affiliated international treaties. In countries such as the Netherlands, freedom to trade hemp seed is clearly incorporated in the national Opium or Narcotics Act legislation.

Some countries/ governments prohibit the growing of Cannabis for industrial AND medicinal use. El Clandestino® has to work within the conflict between law and moral obligation. We do not want to violate or interfere with the legislation of any country by dispatching seeds there. Principally we believe that the relief from pain and suffering offered by medicinal Marijuana has been proven and is more important than any unclear local legislation.

We dispatch our seeds on the condition only that they will not be used by others in conflict with applicable local laws. Further El Clandestino does not wish to induce anyone to act in conflict with the law. For example United States of America, Australia, parts of Asia, Luxembourg, Norway or any other countries where traffic of Cannabis seeds is considered illicit.

If you have doubts about what strain to pick or if you have other uestions please considder contacting us before placing your order.

El Clandestino Cannabis Seeds are available online, and in quality shops and stores throughout Amsterdam.